The following outlines the standard terms of contract for both coach and coachee to align with whilst the coachee is engaging in coaching through Listen in Deep / Gareth Willett.

The contractual terms here are in addition to the General Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy of Listen in Deep, which can be found on the main company website. They are also additional to any terms and conditions agreed to through any third party that was involved in the process of introducing the coachee to Listen in Deep and/or the allocated coach.

  • ‘coachee’ – any person engaging in coaching for the purpose of enabling positive change.
  • ‘coach’ – the qualified professional individual engaging in the process of coaching with the coachee.    
  • ‘coaching’ – the process that the coach and coachee engage in that encourages positive change to occur.     
  • ‘session’ or ‘appointment’ – the scheduled time spent between the coach and the coachee to engage in coaching.      
  • ‘Listen in Deep’ or ‘Gareth Willett’ – the business that represents and promotes the coach and any connected products and services.
  • ‘person’ or ‘individual’ – any person or individual that is engaging with Listen in Deep / Gareth Willett.

Coaching Aims & Approaches
  • The aim of coaching, provided through Listen in Deep, is to aid the coachee in achieving their set goals that link to positive change in mindset and life.
  • The coaching model and approach is a collaborative one that draws from a combination of therapeutic and coaching backgrounds, skills and knowledge, as well as other personal and professional training and life experience of the coach.
  • In most cases, the coachee is encouraged to commit to progress by engaging in out of session tasks, exercises and assignments.
  • For further details on specific approaches please visit: or make contact at 
Coaching Engagement / Sessions
  • The details of any pre-coaching contact or ‘Discovery Sessions’ are agreed at initial contact between coach and coachee.
  • The length of the coaching engagement is to be decided between coach and coachee prior to its start date.
  • All coaching sessions are scheduled for up to 60 minutes in length and are once per week, unless otherwise agreed.
  • All sessions are attended to online or over the phone, unless otherwise agreed to meet in-person at an agreed location.
  • All online/offline locations, dates and times are agreed in advance between coach and coachee. Any preferences should be made known at the point of initial contact.
  • In some cases for in-person sessions, the location, time and date of a session may change due to location/venue availability, in all cases this will be discussed and confirmed beforehand.
  • Regular reviews will guide progress and agreed completion of the coaching engagement.
  • Any continuation of an engagement and coaching agreement will be agreed upon between coach and coachee once the current engagement approaches its end.
  • Coach and/or coachee can agree to end the engagement at any time if either party wishes to do so for any reason.
  • Fees and payment instructions are confirmed between coach and coachee before the first appointment of the engagement takes place.
  • Payment is required in full before the engagement start or paid monthly in advance in equally split agreed amounts on the 1st of each month. Either option to be agreed between coach and coachee before the engagement begins.
  • If payment has not been made at these agreed times then sessions won’t go ahead until payments are up to date.
  • If for any reason the coachee needs to cancel, or reschedule, an appointment, this must be done via email direct to the coach as soon as possible.
  • The coachee can reschedule an appointment, without loss, for any reason up to 24 hours before the allocated time.
  • If the reschedule request falls within 24 hours of the appointment time and they can reschedule to within the next 5 working days of that time, and the coach has the availability to accommodate this, then they may do so without loss. 
  • If the coachee cannot reschedule within these boundaries then the session will be lost and no payment will be refunded or time reallocated.
  • If the coachee cancels an in-person appointment within 24 hours of the allocated appointment time then this appointment will be lost and no payment will be refunded or time reallocated.
  • If it’s an emergency or immediate help is needed then the first point of call is to contact your Local GP or Emergency Services, or alternatively call NHS Direct on 111 or Samaritans on 116 123.
  • Normal working hours are Monday to Friday 9-5pm, excluding bank holidays and annual leave.
  • The most efficient method of contact with the coach is via the email address provided.
  • For all general enquiries to Listen in Deep or Gareth Willett the best email contact is:
  • The coachee should provide the coach with their preferred contact email address (and Whatsapp contact number, if this method of contact is agreed upon) at the start of the coaching engagement. These methods of contact will be used primarily for out of session contact for professional purposes including the communication of tasks, information and/or useful links that will aid the progress of the coachee’s positive change.
  • Although secure and confidential systems are in place, the security of any Email system and Whatsapp cannot be guaranteed by the coach, Listen in Deep or Gareth Willett and therefore they do not accept liability for any theft or loss of personal information where the coachee makes the choice to engage in sending and/or receiving any information via these methods of communication.
  • Any preferred methods of contact should be made known prior to the coaching engagement starting, or as soon as possible if there is a change.
  • If running late for an appointment it is advisable for the coachee to Whatsapp/Text/Call the coach in advance. Please bear in mind that emails can take a while to arrive.
  • For in-person appointments, and If arriving late, the client should Whatsapp/Text/Call the coach to advise they are in any arranged waiting area.
  • Listen in Deep are always striving for continuous improvement across all products and services. All feedback, being seen as positive and/or constructive, is welcome. Please send any feedback via email to:

Holidays / Breaks

  • Any known holiday dates or other appointments should be made known at least two weeks in advance or as soon as possible where attendance to a session, or sessions, may be impacted.
Third Parties
  • If coaching costs are covered by a current employer, insurance policy or any other third party, then it is the responsibility of the coachee to advise this on first contact alongside providing all details necessary when completing registration.
  • If any of these details have not been provided or agreement of the third party has not been confirmed, or any third party payments become outstanding or declined, at any point then all fees become the responsibility of the coachee to pay, as per standard terms within this contract.
Professional Standards
  • The coaching provided through Listen in Deep is grounded in a combination of Gareth’s extensive experience, training and skills covering a number of approaches he has trained within, of which the core components of coaching and therapy are linked to the professional bodies detailed below.
  • Gareth is an ICF ACC Accredited Coach and a BABCP Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.
  • ICF – International Coaching Federation
  • BABCP – British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies
  • Gareth engages in regular coaching, mentoring and supervision himself to maintain high standards of professional practice and aid his insight and progression. 
  • Gareth also commits to regular coaching and psychotherapy based Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to enhance his knowledge, skills and experience.
  • All information shared within any coaching engagement is confidential unless it is felt there is a risk towards the coachee or any other person or being, in which case the coachee’s GP and any other relevant authority will be notified. In all cases, where possible, this will be discussed with the coachee beforehand.
  • The coach is obliged to disclose anything that may harm children, any involvement with drug trafficking or terrorism. These issues might not involve the coachee at all.
  • Next of kin details are recorded for emergency purposes only. In these cases, the company name (Listen in Deep / Gareth Willett), the terms like “coach” or “coaching” may be used to make reference to who is calling however no other information will be disclosed.
  • If the coach requires access to any of the coachee’s medical or psychological records for safety purposes or for supporting the treatment of the work being engaged in, then they will obtain the coachee’s written informed consent prior to contacting their GP and/or any other health professional.
Data Protection / GDPR
  • All coachee data and information is managed in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).
  • By engaging in coaching and agreeing to these terms the coachee consents to Listen in Deep and the coach holding their personal information for the purposes of safety, best practice and communication with the coachee.
  • All coachee personal information and session notes are recorded and held securely and confidentially on a password protected online system in accordance with GDPR and are not shared with any other person, third-party or business, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Any individual’s personal information collected via the website or manually for marketing and/or research purposes is held securely and confidentially in accordance with GDPR.
  • An individual can request the removal of any or all of their data and information at any time. This can be processed by emailing the request to
  • Full privacy policy details can be viewed here.
Listen in Deep hopes all of the above helps the coachee, and/or any individual or third party, to understand the coaching agreement and engagement they are entering in to, and the service and business they are connecting with.

Any further questions can be emailed to: