Self-Discovery Coaching

Feeling stressed or burnt-out? Sabotaging your own goals and dreams? Thinking there must be more to life?

 Let me help you to…


Expand your self-awareness and understand yourself at a deeper level so you can find increased freedom and peace within.


Connect with your subconscious and superconscious to transform and transcend old limiting patterns and move from a place of fear into love.


Create a new story that aligns with your highest and most authentic self and begin moving into it with courage, clarity and purpose.

Gareth Willett

Your Self-Discovery Coach

My work is about guiding people towards a deeper connection with themselves so they can release old patterns that no longer serve them, connect with the best version of themselves, create an empowering mindset and live out a fulfilled life.



My uniquely created coaching model connects and works with your mind, heart and soul, guiding you towards a deeper understanding of yourself and a greater wisdom of life, helping you to cultivate your inner strengths and qualities including Presence, Self-Awareness, Intuition, Creativity and Courage, so you can tap into your unique gifts and the wholeness of who you are.

1. Presence

Find peace within and develop your mindful muscles..

2. Self-Awareness

Understand yourself at a deeper level, who you are and how your mind works. Connect the dots between your past and your present to take your self-awareness to the next level.

3. Intuition

Learn how to connect with your subconscious mind by engaging in powerful visualization techniques to heal past wounds and transcend limiting thoughts so you can take your mindset to the next level.

4. Creativity

Connect with your creative brain and design the new story of your life that aligns with your highest potential.

5. Courage

Embrace your fears and learn how to break-through your comfort zone so you can tap into increased confidence and resilience. propelling you into your new story.

Free Your Mind!

One to One Transformational Coaching

This is a coaching journey unlike any other, providing you with the one to one support and guidance you need to begin tapping into your inner and outer freedom so you can become your best self and start living out your highest potential.


Build your mindful muscle and become more present in your day to day life.

Understand who you are and take your self-awareness to the next level.

Develop a deeper connection with yourself, others and life.

Create a new story that aligns with your highest potential and feels awesome.

Ignite your courage and discipline to begin moving into your new story, even in the face of adversity and fear.

Cultivate your innermost gifts that you have to offer the world, step into your wholeness and start living your life on purpose.




What happens next?


Book a Discovery Session – Message me to find a time for us both to connect.



We connect to explore what’s been going for you and create plan for you to move forwards.


We start with a deep dive exploration into you! Bring a notepad and pen to record your insights.

“I’m glad I started therapy with Gareth in August 2019. I was approaching a very stressful and challenging period of my life. Gareth helped me navigate in those tumultuous times in a very warm and human way. His tools allowed me to have a better understanding of my emotions and not feel overwhelmed. As I was progressing, he adjusted his approach from therapy to coaching according to my needs. He is always fast at answering and remains flexible for those unexpected difficulties in life. I highly recommend Gareth.”

Vanessa (Switzerland)

“I just want to say a massive thank you, when I look back at how I was a few months ago, I wouldn’t of been able to get to where I am without your help. I genuinely mean that!"

S.E. (2018)

“Just wanted to send a quick note to say Thank You for the work we’ve done together and the tools you’ve furnished me with in the last couple months. I look back to where I was 6 months ago and had things been different I think I would have continued down that path without much control of my life (like a ‘wandering generalist’).”

L.J. (2019)

“I came to Gareth at a time when I was having a bit of a crisis of confidence in my career and needed answers about what to do next. In total, I had just six sessions. In that time, I had loads of little ‘mind hacks’ to get me through issues that I had been finding challenging and by the end I had made the choices needed to move forward. It was really good to talk to Gareth, but he did much more than listen; he held up a torch in the darkness.”

ZM (London)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the program for?

The program is for you if you feel like there’s more to life than what you’re currently facing. You might be feeling stuck, stressed, anxious or little lost in life, or you may be you’re experiencing a sense of self-sabotage whilst struggling towards your goals and dreams.  

What is Self-Discovery Coaching?

I believe we are all on a journey to uncover and release the truest versions of ourselves, connecting to the freedom that rests at our core and releasing us from the chains of our ego-mind. By doing the inner work and connecting to ourselves at a deeper level through Self-Discovery Coaching we can allow our courage and creativity to flourish in a spirit through into the world to do, be, create, express, inspire, love and live a life of joy. Self-Discovery Coaching acts as a support and a catalyst for this inner-growth and transformational work to take place.

Why is self-awareness important to develop?

Self-Awareness is a big part of self-discovery as it is the ability to see yourself clearly and objectively through reflection and introspection. By taking this step back you can begin to become a creator of your own experience, modifying patterns in the mind through conscious action and thought, letting go of the struggle and developing new perspectives to help you become more aligned with who you really are.

What impact will this have on my life?

The clue is in the title, freedom is our intention here. This will come in varying degrees depending on where you currently are on your journey, what is needed and what your intentions are for our sessions together, and of course how much work you put in and how much you want to make the change. Everyone is different however the aim here is for you to develop your self-awareness and take away new tools for you to continue to do so, heal any past wounds that are coming up for you and put you on a path towards discovering your possible and realizing your potential.